Transparency Rules Update

We have been asked to provide an update on our website about some of the services we provide.

This firm is VAT registered all legal work will attract VAT, the VAT registrtion number of the firm is present on each invoice generated.

Debt work attracts VAT of 20 percent. Dispersements do not attract VAT. Debt work is carried out by a paralegal under supervision of the principal. In debt work services offered include the pre action stage and the litigation stage. The pre action stage is limited to correspondence and investigation but excludes litigation. The litigation stage as the name suggests includes litigation. Debt recovery is also offered though the Sheriffs Office Transfer Up process.

Motoring law is also subject to VAT as is every legal service offered. Disbursements do not attract VAT unless they are Counsel fees and required by the firm to progress your case – this means that they are the expense of the firm.

Motoring law services offered are representation at Court and at the police station. Appeals, advice, drafting and corresponding with the police/CPS.

Motoring offences generally take less time to deal with than serious criminal offences dealt with by the Crown Court. This is not always the case as if a client is charged with dangerous driving the matter could end up in the Crown Court and if a trial is requested it might take a year to resolve or even longer. A charge of death by dangerous driving would most certainly take over a year to conclude taking into account the investigation stage (pre charge) and post charge. Most summary only motoring matters can be dealt with weeks after charge. Unless the Court hearing the matter has a trial backlog for example. Summary only offences need to be brought within 6 months of the charge. The investigation stage is not time barred unless it is a summary only offence.

The immigration work that we offer consists of representations against deportation, and appeals against deportation orders. We also conduct immigration bail applications. We do not conduct spouse visa applications and no not conduct any asylum work. Disbursements will not attract VAT unless we require the disbursements to progress your case and you cannot order the disbursement yourself such as Counsel’s fees. The VAT amount is 20 percent.

Timescales for immigration work vary widely. We are often at the mercy of the immigration tribunals who as of recently have been backlogged with cases. The last deportation appeal we dealt with (concluded in late December) took 18 months from the date the deportation order was signed to the date of the substantive hearing. Cases dealt with before the COVID-19 pandemic took less time but would generally take one year. Representations against deportation (stage 1) can be drafted by this firm in a short turnaround dependant on other work. The Home Office is not under any obligation to make a decision on the submissions within a specific time scale. Our experience is that it usually takes from 6 months to a year from a decision to be received. We are able to apply for our client to be released on bail if the client is eligible. This means that the client would not need to spend time waiting for a decision in custody (should the bail application be successful).

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