New Transperancy Rules 2

As part of our commitment to provide you with the best possible service we have implemented the Solicitors Regulation Authority mandatory new transparency rules in 2019. In practice this means that we have provided clear set prices on our website relating to motoring offences and immigration matters.

As we are now able to offer representation in new areas of law we are taking this opportunity to set out our fees. Generally, during consultation with the client we tend to estimate the amount of work and usually are able to proposed a fixed fee for any required service. The hourly rate for a solicitor with 10+ years of post qualification experience is 300 GBP per hour. The hourly rate for a caseworker is 150 GBP per hour. However, we understand though experience that our clients would much rather receive a proposed fixed fee quote which would set out exactly the work that would be covered. This is preferable as the client does not need to be concerned about fees which are ever increasing. In a fixed fee situation we would not charge for additional telephone calls / emails or consultations.

Probate – Usually can be funded by way of DBA/CFA 15-20 percent

Debt Recovery – Pre Action stage is usually 750-1500 GBP without any DBA/CFA which means that the client keeps all funds recovered. If pre action is unsuccessful, Court fees are payable and also fixed fees based on each step of litigation. For a small track matter, issuing fees for drafting particulars of claim will usually be 1500 GBP. A Defence in a small track matter will also usually be 1500 GBP. Court attendances will be from 500 to 2000 for a day depending on if the matter is listed for trial or directions etc. Matters in the fast track are more expensive and a estimate will need to be obtained in each case. The same relates to multi-track matters.

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