One Stop Notice Success – Home Office withdraw deportation option against tobacco importer.

Another successful result. We manage to convince the Home Office NOT to issue a deportation order in this matter! Our client had been living in the UK for 5 years. He got mixed up in illegal tobacco importation and was sentenced to 16 months of prison. Now we can apply for him to be released home early on HDC. He will not be deported to Poland.

This case was dealt with quicker and with lower costs because we were instructed right AT THE START when the one stop notice was received and before a deportation order was made. We managed to convince the Home Office that they would not stand a chance in an immigration Tribunal should a deportation order be made.

If you or your loved on is in the same position and facing deportation from the UK you need a specialist immigration lawyer, call Alexander Goscimski for to find out how he can help and for a free quotation!


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